Posted on Apr 28, 2020


Negotiating Rebates is like Playing a Game without the Rules!: Post 3

Ideally, the plan sponsor would have transparent pricing and would know what percentage of total revenue paid to the PBM was being paid out to the plan sponsor and the percentage retained by the PBM from the drugs prescribed to the participants in their plan.
Plans sponsors and many consultants would have a difficult time deciphering or untangling this puzzle. Assuming the PBM cooperates, it takes a firm with a deep
background in PBM operations who can work with the plan to remove the mystery and provide clarity to plan decision-makers. CobaltRx understands how PBMs work and as an experienced pharmacy benefits auditor and consultant we have the know-how and people to help plan sponsors meet this challenge head-on. Please give us a call at 225-927-1940 to learn more or visit us on the web at
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